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After years of wanting I have decided that the time is right for getting into flying. At the moment I am only looking at Microlights, as I believe they are the only affordable option at this time. Most clubs I have seen advertise a trial lesson. Unfortunately I think this trial would be a waste of time as I am hooked already. Therein lies my problem, I am so impatient. I realise that the trial lesson is probably the most important one, as it gives the instructor guidance on how much training you will need to pass your licence. If I wait any longer I would probably never do it, so any advise and experiences from people who have gone through this process would be gratefully acknowledged. I am an ordinary working bloke with no vast savings but a passion to fly one day.
Started by: Steven Forsyth
        Thread Born: 13-08-2016 19:11

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Trail lesson is not a waste of time as it counts towards your flying hours as dual instruction... All you need is your pilots log book and most places have one for purchase when you book your lesson.... After this the instructor can asses you and give guidance on where to go from there. If there are a number of schools withing similar distances you can book one in each and then decide which school/instructor is best for you. Once again the time is not wasted as it all counts... Joe
Joe Richardson        Reply: 03-07-2017 10:06:51

The trial is not a waste of time! On the contrary the hour will go towards your overall training.
Reece Brewsell        Reply: 28-11-2016 18:22:02

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