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Started by: Chester Potts
        Thread Born: 04-09-2014 21:41

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Gents, We are planning to run DRURIDGE BAY FLY IN this weekend, 7th -8th September see http://druridgebayflyin.weebly.com/ If you are coming then keep an eye on the weather just to make sure there are no sea frets hanging about. We will have refreshments available etc. The grass is about 7-8 inches high in the field but we are going to cut a strip approx 12-15 metres wide and taxi way and peri track for those with low props so you can avoid any long grass. For those who require Avgas Storm at Eshott has kindly agreed to waive any landing fee if you pick up fuel. Eshott is only a 5 minute flight away. We will do mogas fuel runs for those who need it. Campers are welcome and we can do a fish and chip run for evening meal. Bogs are at Druridge Country Park a short walk away for a serious one, and there will be a urinal of sorts on site! If you are not happy with any cross wind component then please divert to Eshott, we will come and get you if necessary! Please check the website on Saturday morning to make sure that there is no last minute cancellation due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstance Please note there is a kite flying completion at Druridge Country Park over the weekend, stay above 250ft and keep a sharp look out Register to attend on the website Fly Safely
Chester Potts        Reply: 04-09-2014 21:41:57

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