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Two week crash course with WanaFly in September all booked up. Anybody got any tips for me in my crash course?
Started by: Lee Whittaker
        Thread Born: 14-03-2014 20:57

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radio licence at headcorn airfield £150 but cheaper if you get someone to do it same time
David Broughall        Reply: 02-04-2014 18:26:27

Cool, what's the new job? At congrats on your big day!!! Hope it all goes to plan. I've not flown much either, unless being a passenger on a large Boeing counts! Lol. I do hope to pass my course, and join a syndicate very soon after, or in the new year. I need to get my radio licence, can you recommend anywhere to get this??
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 15-03-2014 08:59:24

Yeah things are great, I've not flown to much over winter (wimp). But I'm ready to get back into the seat now. Got a new job which is 5 mins from the airfield, handy; and I'm actually getting married in a few months, July.
Paul Finch        Reply: 15-03-2014 07:04:40

I don't plan on crashing!! Lol. To be honest mate, since we last spoke, haven't flown at all. Not through choice, a mixture of funding and bad weather. That's why I've decided to do this two week course. It's not until September, so hopefully I'll have the time to cram as much studying into me as I can so I can pass this first time. I intend on coming back with my license. How are things with you buddy? No more engine cuts whilst on first dates I hope?? Lol
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 14-03-2014 22:32:05

Don't crash ;) sorry had to say it. How many hours have you done now ? Is been a while since we spoke. Should there be a chance you'll have passed and finished by the end on this ?
Paul Finch        Reply: 14-03-2014 22:08:27

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