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GST Looming...getting a bit serious now ! Anyone got any tips for taking the test in a Thruster Fixed Wing? Cheers Steve
Started by: Stephen Atkinson
        Thread Born: 18-09-2013 19:22

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Hi mate, just a note to say, I passed the Nav Exam! sending off for license :-) Feels great. Graham is looking to setup a syndicate for a Thruster at St Micks, Im going to be involved as well. If you know anyone that's interested, give us a shout. We are looking at no more than 5, so be around £3k each. My Mobile is 07957 292121. Cheers and keep in touch.!
Stephen Atkinson        Reply: 05-11-2013 08:28:00

Good lad :) yeah you only need you exam passes to send off you license. Go for it :)
Paul Finch        Reply: 31-10-2013 22:03:48

Didn't know that... I'm looking at syndicates as well at the mo, lots to think about ! I'm think I'm going to sit Nav this weekend, bugger it, just go for it...
Stephen Atkinson        Reply: 31-10-2013 20:45:51

Don't send your license off for a restricted license as everyone I know it's turned into atleast a year till they do it ! Just pay around till youve done your nav. You know you can do your xc before your nav ?
Paul Finch        Reply: 31-10-2013 19:12:42

yea been thinking about that, thought i might just do a couple of hours as a "Pilot" then just bite the bullet and go for it. Need to pass the Nav exam first though !
Stephen Atkinson        Reply: 31-10-2013 19:03:42

Knew you would bud. You can take me for a fly now ;) id advise you go straight on to do your xc though. As it doesn't take much more, I made that mistake and just stayed flying local for ages. Got boring quickly.
Paul Finch        Reply: 31-10-2013 18:48:44

Took today and passed the one element I failed on. Bloody engine failure away from field. ! Just need the nav exam now :)
Stephen Atkinson        Reply: 31-10-2013 18:34:02

Cool, I just want to get on with it now. :-)
Stephen Atkinson        Reply: 03-10-2013 07:37:36

Winner, this Saturday game on. It's not any different than the gst revision really; nothing to worry about. I'm gonna try and get there this weekend so might bump into ya.
Paul Finch        Reply: 02-10-2013 13:36:08

Hi paul, sorry for delayed reply, been away for a couple of days. Yep, its booked for 5th October, weather permitting of course. Done the revision lessons, and Graham was mainly happy, apart from a couple of silly errors. Ive decided to just go for it, I can do it, it`s a case of keeping my nerve i guess.
Stephen Atkinson        Reply: 02-10-2013 13:25:54

Have you got your gst booked in now ?
Paul Finch        Reply: 30-09-2013 06:15:21

Hi Paul, just had my revision tonight, one more to go then the test! Pleased your interested in doing fixed wing, your more than welcome to take a flight. I didn't realise it was you when I was speaking to you at the field either :-) see you later...
Stephen Atkinson        Reply: 20-09-2013 22:41:23

Ahhh spoken to you a few times. chap in G's thruster lol never realised... I'm sure you will ace it bud. Hey and when you do I'd like to be a passenger as im interested in doing fixed wing aswell.
Paul Finch        Reply: 20-09-2013 08:10:18

Hi Paul, I'm with Graham at St Michaels as well !! I know what you mean about the emergency thing :-) Got my revision lesson tonight, at last now the weather has calmed a little.
Stephen Atkinson        Reply: 20-09-2013 06:32:10

Where are you based, mine was will Graham Hobson at St Michaels, it was much easier thani thought it would be.they typically only put you in for it when your guaranteed to pass. my inductor seemed to love emergency landings on take of, at hight and in circuit. That was the main thing really for me. Bet you think it wasn't that hard when you've done it :)
Paul Finch        Reply: 18-09-2013 20:43:38

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