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Just a note which may be of use to the flyers out there who are looking for a gps unit,I bought a nexus 7 3G yesterday,(ARGOS £239 ) downloaded air nav pro,£39 and it is excellent ,at least as good as ipad mini if not better with a big saving,the screen is slightly smaller than the mini (1/2 inch) but a really clear daylight vis. fits nice on the knee board and a battery life of up to ten hours which means no more wires in the cockpit very pleased with the moving map and the fact I dont need the reading glasses to see it,gets a 10 from me,any one need a second hand airbox aware clarity ?
Started by: David Broughall
        Thread Born: 05-04-2013 08:20

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Well Paul,you can add apps to the basic airnav pro,but you get flight planning,track to follow and most other things with the basic,you have to add the runway app,if you want it,but it appears to do all I require at this stage,(still getting to terms with things) not as good as airbox for airspace warnings,but the gps system is far better,even picks up signal indoors and so far none of that "no gps"while in flight which was quite common on the airbox and very annoying track
David Broughall        Reply: 26-04-2013 08:23:52

what does the pro show exactly David e.g. ctr's and cta's route planning?
Paul Sweet        Reply: 25-04-2013 21:16:33

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