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On flying a jabiru calypso 2200 last week the proceedure is downwind 70 knotts carb heat on,trim nose up 1st stage flaps,on final 60 knotts second stage flaps maintain 60 knotts to touchdown,however,second stage flaps on this occasion would not lock on there was nobody on radio at base so I eventually landed on 1st stage flaps,the aircraft floated on for some distance but then a perfect touchdown if somewhat long.My question is,being not long qualified,would I have been better off with flaps off than comming in on 1st stage ? I will try it when the weather improves,I can always go around.
Started by: David Broughall
        Thread Born: 17-03-2013 11:58

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further to my question,it no longer matters because I am now flying a savanah,which lands just fine with no flaps and has a stall speed of 35 mph slower approach with bigger wheels
David Broughall        Reply: 31-03-2013 20:18:05

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