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I am curious about aircraft radios. When I pass my flying test, I intend on doing cross country flights etc, so I will want a radio. I know about the licensing, however, where can I buy radios that receive and transmit?? Also, roughly how much are they??
Started by: Lee Whittaker
        Thread Born: 30-01-2013 12:43

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Hi Lee you have to do the written and oral ( practical ) rt exam. if you are buying a radio or operating one I think its a legal requirement to have your rt license. what aircraft do you have?? you can get hand held ones that I've seen on shadows and they seem to be adequate. unsure of price but you are probably looking at a couple of hundred quid at least for a good one. also make sure your headsets are compatible. when have you got your test
Paul Sweet        Reply: 18-05-2013 22:02:24

Have a look at www.afors.com
Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 02-02-2013 22:41:46

Lee Whittaker        Reply: 30-01-2013 12:44:12

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