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thrusters. i\'m thinking of getting a nice thruster t300 tst. i like x-countries but not bothered with having the speed of thec42\'s that i fly now. anyone got / had one and what are they like?? fuel burn etc.. cheers folks
Started by: Paul Sweet
        Thread Born: 16-09-2012 18:23

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Forget the nice S4 if it is G-MWGN ? http://www.afors.com/index.php?page=adview&adid=24186&imid=0 is a far more sensible purchase or http://www.afors.com/index.php?page=adview&adid=23119&imid=0 if within your budget.
        Reply: 29-09-2012 21:05:45

Hi Peter, i fly from swansea. got about 20 hours solo on the C42. Looking for either a thruster ( first choice ) or a rans cyote s4 or s5. havent seen any s5's for sale though only a nice s4 at £2700, but would like a nice Thruster 2 seater though as my boy likes to fly
Paul Sweet        Reply: 29-09-2012 19:49:26

Paul, Not knowing whether you are a newly qualified pilot or an 'old hand' I cannot say for sure ;-) However: If you have never flown a Taildragger I would suggest that you do get someone with Taildragging experience to show you how to land and take off. In the air it is a pussy cat ;-) I am happy to help you if I can, I have known some pilots who have self taught themself after a briefing from a Taildragger pilot ;-)
        Reply: 28-09-2012 23:37:27

thanks Peter. would i need conversion from nose wheel to tail dragger ??
Paul Sweet        Reply: 28-09-2012 20:38:58

Take off is fast and very uneventful - Line her up, gently apply full power, apply gentle forward pressure on the center control stick and within seconds she is at 40kts with her tail raised & aircraft ready to fly. With gentle back pressure on the stick she leaps up gently into the air and climbs at an impressive rate! This girl is made to fly...in nil wind, we get around 5-700fpm initial climb with two up and full fuel . But then she does have a Rotax 582 DCDI 65hp engine in charge up front! Anywhere between 15-18lph is the fuelburn. With the R582 DCDI Engine and the 3 blade adjustable IVO Prop, Cruise speed is around 55-60kts in this aircraft. Climb is 55kts, as is approach speed. ( everything happens at 55kts ) Stall speed is around the 35kt mark at MTOW - much less with one up! Climbing turns were very simple, but a little concentration not to over bank at these low speeds/high drag and power settings. Straight and level turns required very little aileron inputs, and virtually no rudder, and is surprisingly quick to respond even at these slow speeds...as long as there is no gusts or thermals, this lovely lady was perfectly happy sitting in a 30 degree balanced straight and level turn with virtually no input. An amazingly easy and gentle aircraft to fly - and so much fun!! This is what flying is all about!! Coming into land is very straight forward... line her up with the center line fly her at 55kts all the way down final to the flare, where all as you have to do is reduce power & fly her straight and level. I mainly use the 'wheeler landing' technique, which for a Thruster is possibly one of the easier ways to land. Again, this particular Thruster is so well balanced that if you do nothing else but hold her straight and level at flare height she will literally land herself! There is no need to 'force' this aircraft to land - just let her take her legs in her own time. Once the mains gently touch, just release any back pressure and she sits firmly on the ground with no tendency to bounce or take off again...
        Reply: 27-09-2012 20:43:47

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