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PICTURE PERFECT - so I want to get a canvas printed for my back wall in my apartment!! However, I don\'t have any great flying pictures of my own yet. So I am putting a shout out for one of yours!! I would really like a picture from the cock pit of a fixed wing, with an epic view!!! Anyone??? (email pictures too lee_whittaker72@hotmail.com)
Started by: Lee Whittaker
        Thread Born: 05-09-2012 21:53

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Peter, that would be amazing if you could hook me up with your mate in Coventry, I would be happy to make some donations towards fuel for the pleasure too. Also Peter, I ordered a canvas today of one of the picture you sent me (the one ive attached) I plan on getting a large one still for my front room, but I just got a small one for now as I want to test the quality of the pictures before I put alot of money into one.
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 09-09-2012 23:05:43

Lee, I have a mate in the Coventry area with a Skyranger who is always looking for a flying buddy, he would be ideal for you.... I am sure a donation towards fuel is a cheap option and you will learn loads from this guy ;-)
        Reply: 09-09-2012 20:19:19

Paul, that is very kind. I think I will take you up on that offer at some Point when it's convenient for us both!! What do u fly?? Fixed or flex?
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 09-09-2012 00:17:22

Hi Lee, i fly from Sswansea Airport. Instructor would do that, however if you were down that neck of the woods i would take you up. its cheaper !!!
Paul Sweet        Reply: 08-09-2012 20:40:12

Paul, that's very kind!!! I appreciate it. Where do u fly from??? Would an instructor let me take pictures whilst I was on a lesson???
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 07-09-2012 18:35:47

next time i'm up in the ikarus i'll take some more and post them. if theres any you like you can have them
Paul Sweet        Reply: 07-09-2012 18:33:53

Paul, I honestly don't mind!! Ideally, it would be taken from a fixed wing, and I would like to be able to see a little pit of Wing from it too, just to show how the image was captured!! As for the view, I honestly don't mind, as long as its a good shot, either sea, coast, mountains, etc. just something which can show what these planes can do. Also, the print I'm hoping to get will be about 2x4 ft, I want a fairly large picture, so it will need to look good blown up to that size, if that makes sense?!?!
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 07-09-2012 18:30:55

Hi Lee what type of shot are you looking for? mountains, sea ?
Paul Sweet        Reply: 07-09-2012 18:25:59

        Reply: 06-09-2012 20:35:29

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