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Missing in action
Started by: Bruce Tibenham
        Thread Born: 05-09-2012 07:08

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Aha ! The wanderer returns ! Nice to see you back on the site, Peter.
Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 06-09-2012 13:34:15

Lee,( or others ) Fire away on here or use peterkelseybmaa@gmail.com
        Reply: 06-09-2012 12:46:18

Peter, that sounds very modest!!! I'll bare your thought in mind, I am new, and as you can probably see, have many Manu questions!!!
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 06-09-2012 12:43:42

My old account seems to have returned ;-) All my piccies are back ;-)
        Reply: 06-09-2012 12:39:28

I am not entirely sure it would be right for me to agree with Bruce's remark about me being " a very experienced & knowledgable pilot who's helped a lot of people " My attitude to aviation is " I was a newcomer once and was given lots of good advice, it is my purpose in aviation to extend that same courtesy to any pilot who wants advice "
        Reply: 06-09-2012 12:14:48

Bruce, having a great time thanks, right now I'm sipping tea at cheddar gorge caves!!! V.nice!! Back home tommorow though!! (won't lie, not got much studying done however!). Peter, nice to see you on here after the good things I have heard about your skills!!!
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 06-09-2012 11:58:42

I re-registered a new account as my old account seems to have been inadvertently deleted in one of Paul's many upgrades.
        Reply: 06-09-2012 11:51:10

Lee, he's a very experienced & knowledgable pilot who's helped a lot of people, he used to be quite active on "to the clouds" but seems to have dropped off the radar. Hope you're enjoying your holiday , keep up with the studying !
Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 05-09-2012 18:12:11

Who is Peter Kelsey????
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 05-09-2012 16:22:41

Haven't heard from Peter Kelsey for a while on here ??
Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 05-09-2012 07:11:12

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