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Started by: Paul Sweet
        Thread Born: 30-08-2012 10:07

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Hi Paul, all done. thanks
Paul Sweet        Reply: 30-08-2012 20:07:45

You can edit easily, simply pop in your username and password (make sure it's the airfield one) and browse to that page, it will be automatically in editable mode. If you have probs get in touch matey.
Paul Finch        Reply: 30-08-2012 18:37:38

thanks Paul for the help. i've started it off but need to put a bit more info in. am i able to edit it? if not no worries
Paul Sweet        Reply: 30-08-2012 18:23:29

Look forward to seeing it, any troubles message me on here Paul; always happy to help...
Paul Finch        Reply: 30-08-2012 11:46:12

brilliant thanks Paul
Paul Sweet        Reply: 30-08-2012 11:37:39

You go to the airfield section and at the bottom it says sign up, on the sign up screen there are two options at the top. one says pilots and the other airfields, make sure its on the right one. hope this helps. Paul
Paul Finch        Reply: 30-08-2012 10:51:01

how do you add airfields on the airfield section folks ??
Paul Sweet        Reply: 30-08-2012 10:08:35

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