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Any tips, ideas or advice that you can give a newly started training pilot would be very much appreciated!! Im flying a fixed wing aircraft.
Started by: Lee Whittaker
        Thread Born: 21-08-2012 00:01

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I'll try and study tonight without the booze, the only thing that sunk in last night was the martini ;-)
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 05-09-2012 16:23:40

On holiday at burnham on sea for a short break, enjoying a few cheeky drinks, and going to go back and read up on Air Law, is that a strange way to relax!!!???? Lol
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 03-09-2012 19:17:21

I wrote the message and then saw the email, lol!! Great idea?!
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 03-09-2012 15:37:33

You should have got an message (access at ur profile page) with a challenge. Not quite 3k
Paul Finch        Reply: 03-09-2012 15:33:20

Prizes!!! Awesome!!!! Even more reasons to study!!! Do you have a prize of about 3k worth of lessons!!! Lol
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 03-09-2012 15:19:14

I've got to say, guys, I tried the air law mock exam here this morning. You guessed it, I was absolutely crap !!! But the thing is, although I fly quite a lot, the exam weeded out all the areas that I needed to brush up on, and that's a great thing ! So the moral of the story is, every cloud has a silver lining ( or an X-Air Hawk lost in the middle of it !!! )
Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 03-09-2012 12:24:39

Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 03-09-2012 12:19:27

And now you can win prizes !
Paul Finch        Reply: 03-09-2012 11:07:51

Ill let you know by uploading my results (when they get good!) lol.
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 03-09-2012 11:06:44

Thought I'd make it easy for people on the go. :) hope it helps bud :)
Paul Finch        Reply: 03-09-2012 10:50:23

Paul, thats the plan. Im going to start with the Air Law due to my book not turning up yet, and I have a bit of information on that subject. Also, I only recently noticed, that the app for this site supports the mock exams section brilliantly!!! So I can study on the go!!! :-D
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 03-09-2012 10:35:41

You should perhaps do the mock exam before and after studying, to see the if your studying from the right source. The exams on here are very very similiar to the real thing and worded equally weird :)
Paul Finch        Reply: 03-09-2012 09:52:13

I could possibly have more lessons with the shifts I work, however, its the money aspect, at the moment I can just about afford to learn. Never mind though, its all part the fun. I dont plan on dying anytime soon, so I have a long time ahead to get all the hours in I can! lol. I plan to read a bit of the book each day, maybe set myself a top per week or something. It has not come yet, I was hoping it would have come today, as im going on a short break to Devon for a week, and had some study time! However, I have printed off the microlight syllabus I found online, and a PDF document in relation to Air Law which im going to have a flick through! Good times!
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 03-09-2012 09:46:19

good luck on going solo and your training. I was lucky as i worked shifts at the time, so i booked in everyday for lessons ( and yes it took me 6 months due to our lovely british weather ... not!) you will get frustrated along the way but you need to look ahead at all times and think that one day you will be on your own up there. Once your solo is done you will be done in no time. when you get your book read a bit every day on a subject until your happy with the basics. thats what i did and it did me well.
Paul Sweet        Reply: 01-09-2012 18:53:24

Very impressive, I wish I had the money to do my flying that quickly! As much as I enjoy the flying, I cannot wait to get Solo and qualified. I shall look into that book you suggested
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 01-09-2012 14:57:01

hi Lee. ive been licensed for 1 year, but 6 months to get my NPPL. Cozzy is an excellent book to begin with, but you maay need the extra books to aid you. don't worry too much about the exams though as they are not too bad. i passed them!!! Once you get solo you'll be sorted. it was the landings that did my head in.
Paul Sweet        Reply: 01-09-2012 13:58:35

ALSO to anyone who is interested and may not already know, on the 1st 2nd December 2012 there is The Flying Show 2012 on at the LG arena in Birmingham!!!! Looks pretty awesome!!!
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 01-09-2012 12:18:59

Paul, thanks for that information, do appreciate it, and your time in the detailed response. The book has not come yet, I only ordered it yesterday, however I can see me gathering a large library to do with this sport. But it's all part of the fun. I have taken some of the mock tests on this site and with very very very little knowledge on the subject, have been scoring 40/50%. Obviously I know that's a fail, however, jut using common sense gives you an advantage. I had to undertake alot of similar tests to get the job I do now, multiple choice ambiguous questions and answers, so I think what you said is exactly right, it's not te knowing, it's the understanding. My instructor does teach a ground school during winter months, so I am going to look at visiting some of these sessions. How long have you been flying Paul???
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 01-09-2012 12:17:53

TBH Lee Cozzys not bad. i would say get some of Jeremy pratts PPL books of Amazon as i found them better and more informative. look up on the microlight regulation updates too as there were some questions on my air law that were way out of date in the cozzy book. You really need groundschool as you need to understand rather than know everything as some of the questions are quite ambiguous and if you don't understand the subject ( as too learning it parrot fasion like in school ) you will pick the wrong ones. if you understand the subject and don't know the answer you can by default work out the wrong answers and be left with the right one. in all fairness the exams are not desighned to catch you out and are not too bad, but i think that cozzy on its own would leave a gap in your knowledge. Its the knowledge and understanding that when you qualify keeps you from getting into dangerous situations and getting you killed!! a bit long winded answer (sorry) but also try this url. http://islandmicrolightclub.com/ptt/index.php?topic=24.0 it helps you a lot
Paul Sweet        Reply: 01-09-2012 07:13:31

I have just ordered the Microlights Pilots Handbook by Brian Cosgrove. It has very good reviews etc, however, it doesnt say much on the reviews in relation to the ground exams!! Will I need to buy extra books for each exam?? Can anyone recommend any learning material??
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 31-08-2012 23:34:00

Paul, thats a good idea! I make a friend at my airstrip! Most the time when I go there however, there doesnt seem to be many people hanging around. It is a quiet airstrip!
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 31-08-2012 23:32:01

if you can Lee go up with a trained micro pilot on the days that you can't afford it. If they give you a regular go that will keep your hand in so you don't get too rusty. i know people who did that and it helped them loads.
Paul Sweet        Reply: 30-08-2012 10:06:11

Lee, I know only too well how time & financial constraints can adversely affect training ! Unfortunately, around an hour a month Will almost certainly mean more training required in the grand scheme of things. So easy to forget stuff and get rusty !
Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 30-08-2012 07:10:59

Bruce, I am currently trying to fit in an hour+ each month, however, work patterns and wallet have a large restraint on that!! Also, the weather has crippled a couple of lessons for me already!! But still, thats part the fun of it I guess!! I do intend on keeping it up, I do enjoy it very much!
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 29-08-2012 22:59:08

Hope the training goes well, Lee, also hope you are able to train consistently, because, as your instructor will confirm, being consistent and not having to relearn stuff will suit your brain as well as your pocket ! I have been flying since 2002, but at only a little over 600 hours I treat flying as a continual learning experience. I currently own & fly An X-air Hawk, am based at Longside airfield near Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, 40 odd miles North of Aberdeen on the East coast of Scotland. I love to fly and am up in the air as much as the weather and my wife permit (not necessarily in that order). I wish you all the very best with your flying, go for it !!!!
Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 29-08-2012 20:16:31

Paul, I have only just started. Only on my third hour.
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 29-08-2012 18:44:15

Paul Sweet        Reply: 29-08-2012 18:21:56

how far you into your training Lee? i trained an a c42 ikarus
Paul Sweet        Reply: 29-08-2012 18:15:11

Bruce, thanks for your advice. I will definately take it on board. I am currently training at an airstrip in Lichield in the West Midlands called Roddidge Lane. Really nice quiet little place. And my instructor is really down to earth and realistic, and most importantly honest. Which i believe is really needed when learning this skill. As for landings, I did land on my first flight, but thats not a brag, i was talked through the whole thing, and I have had a little flying experience before as I did do some hours towards a PPL in a PA28, but that was many years ago. Although I know I CAN use those hours towards my NPPL, im not, I am starting fresh. Myself and my intructor have said that this is the best option for me. I agree, the thruster is a fantastic little thing, however I do not have anything to compare it with at the moment. How many hours do you have Bruce?? And where about are you from?
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 29-08-2012 15:20:18

The Thruster is a great machine ! I trained in a similar looking beast called the Ax2000. They're both VERY draggy machines, something you should bear in mind when you close the throttle ! Back when I was training, my biggest early challenge was trying to land softly. I kept banging it down onto the deck. Then someone said " when you round out, try your hardest NOT to land the plane, but keep it airborne ". Well bugger me if that advice didn't do the trick. Consistently reasonable landings. Job done. Where are you training, Lee ?
Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 29-08-2012 13:34:10

Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 29-08-2012 13:26:56

It took me ages to get my head around the concept, "power alters height" NOT directly speed
Barry Light        Reply: 29-08-2012 13:20:28

I believe the aircraft I am training in is called a thruster. Not 100% sure though. If you look in the gallery, I have uploaded some pictures
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 26-08-2012 21:22:28

what kind of fixed wing are you training on, Lee ?
Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 26-08-2012 21:18:05

When I said training pilot, i MEANT training TO BE a Microlight pilot! lol
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 21-08-2012 00:02:16

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