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Calling all Flash 2 Alpha experts - I am in need of a little guidance. My F 2 A banks slightly to the right when hands off! I\'ve been told that there\'s such a thing as a profile template which should be used to set the correct profile form. Can anyone give me a steer on this one, pardon the pun! ;^)
Started by: Paul Henderson
        Thread Born: 29-03-2012 19:55

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Likely is the buttons also a chance the seat frame may be off Centre with keeping folding it down
Simon Worthington        Reply: 04-04-2012 19:32:43

Thank you very much David, I'll give P&M a call tomorrow. very much appreciated! Paul
Paul Henderson        Reply: 29-03-2012 21:09:15

hiyou should have a batten profile sheet which you lay your battens on one at a time and gently bend them to match the shape of the one on the sheet ,i do my pegasus q every now and then or if it developes a turn with hands off . p&m sold me my profile sheet about £20.00
David Windsor        Reply: 29-03-2012 20:43:55

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