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Started by: Chester Potts
        Thread Born: 26-03-2012 22:56

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Gutted, but if it's BBQ weather who to complain :)
Paul Finch        Reply: 25-04-2012 13:57:27

Postponed again until at least June see website for details
Chester Potts        Reply: 25-04-2012 12:04:02

I'm registered and waiting :))) looking forward to it :))
Paul Finch        Reply: 11-04-2012 05:47:29

LANCASHIRE LANDING is now postponed due to weather to weekend of 28th-29th April
Chester Potts        Reply: 10-04-2012 19:24:14

Shame on you Paul! Dont forget to register on the website. See you there
Chester Potts        Reply: 29-03-2012 21:59:54

I have never gone to this event even though my airfield is 8 miles away, no chance i am missing it this year !
Paul Finch        Reply: 29-03-2012 12:57:48

Our first go at Lancashire Landing will be the 14th-15th of April which is only 3 weeks away. Its a fun event where aviators are invited to do a beach landing at Morcambe Bay and support Lancashires local Infantry Regiment The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. You can register to attend on our website which is For a fun Fly In on the beach you can register to attend on our website see http://lancashirelanding.weebly.com/index.html NB This event may be postponed to a later date as per the website if weather is no go
Chester Potts        Reply: 26-03-2012 23:00:20

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