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Are all schools full of money grabbing CFI\'s or was I the only unfortunate person to join one?
Started by: Paul Gallagher
        Thread Born: 21-03-2012 16:26

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Paul, You sound very despondent at the moment, knowing you as I do I can understand your plight and my only advice is; go where I told you to go ( they will look after you ). or speak to the Owner of the Flying Club you are currently with and express your disdain about how as a money paying customer you are being treated. I am sure that a resolution can be found as the CFI you are referring to is an acquaintance of mine and once you say your piece I think you may find a different attitude comes across, just advice from a 'friend' as opposed to an acquaintance ;-) Give me a call as I need to tell you some gossip ;-)
        Reply: 26-03-2012 11:30:27

This is his 4th school to work at as he has been sacked from all the rest, that might explain it all, I didnt pick up on the flashing red lights at the start lol
Paul Gallagher        Reply: 26-03-2012 11:06:37

Who were you with? Ards, Tandragee, Other? Only ever done flex training at Ards and have absolutely no complaints.
Alan Warnock        Reply: 22-03-2012 10:08:07

Generally not, usually CFI's don't have anything to do with collecting payments.... it is usually the Flying School owners who collect the CASH ;-) I was sent a picture of your CFI's office floor ;-)
        Reply: 21-03-2012 22:15:51

how much are you paying then ?and where are you training ?
David Broughall        Reply: 21-03-2012 18:23:12

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