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Students :: Ask any questions, need advice. This gives you the opportunity to ask question to qualified pilots/instructors, be it flying, theory or aircraft related.
Started by: Paul Finch
        Thread Born: 22-02-2012 21:51

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Technically I wouldnt see that being a problem at all, hours are hours. When I started my lessons I did cross between two instructors, I guess it just depends on if you going to hurt your present instructors feelings :) as I guess he is the one who will be putting you through your test... Best mention it to him I just, but technically hours are hours but you'd only be ready when he gives the nod.
Paul Finch        Reply: 16-03-2012 06:32:22

ok just had my first solo on the 14th march, my question is my instructor is at sywell Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays but other instructors on there all week, do you think i would be able to go in and try and build my solo hours up without my normal instructor? and would i still be able to build my solo hours up on someone elses microlight providing i had insurance of course.
Paul Forster        Reply: 15-03-2012 21:45:55

I have only passed myself in that last year and a bit, but if anyone need advice I will do my best to help, or the other more seasoned members will see this and offer greater wisdom.
Paul Finch        Reply: 22-02-2012 21:54:02

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