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Licence at 78,to Paul Finch ,from Barbara.
Started by: Barbara Breakwell
        Thread Born: 19-02-2012 12:11

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Truly inspirational to see a young lady of advanced earthbound knowledge taking to the skies in the prime years of their life. Eshott had a young lady called Pat Turnbull who flew numerous microlights in her prime years and relished in being the 'welcome' at Eshott, for me it was a draw to Eshott to know that Pat would always have a coffee ready as you taxied in ;-) I wish we had more Young ladies of Pat's nature in light aviation. So I am always pleased to read messages like these ;-)
        Reply: 26-02-2012 12:50:04

Hi Paul, Grandson ,Stuart, Is 28,Great Grandson ,Callum, is 12.Stuart has just got his degree at Newcastle Uni and as with many cannot find work so spends a lot of time down here with me,gets well fed!Young Callum lives in Durham and spends a couple of weeks down here in the summer hols,we do a tour of the air shows and museums and go flying.
Barbara Breakwell        Reply: 20-02-2012 14:58:50

Great story, and impressive; bet you loved taking the grand kids up :) How old are they ? ~ Quite an achievement on your part, you should (and i bet you are) be really proud of yourself. Pilots license and page 3 all in the same year :) I look forward to seeing many more of your pictures and videos. Fly Safe... Paul
Paul Finch        Reply: 20-02-2012 10:03:26

hello Paul and all, thank you for your kind comments on the photos in my profile, only came across this site yesterday and and joined. In answer to your questions, I got my license in June of last year, started learning to fly three years ago after losing my partner, ex-RAF, and needed something to get me out of myself again. As my dear better half had never stop talking about flying I decided to see what he had been on about all those years and booked a trial flight in a C42, I was hooked! Had no real desire to get a license as I thought myself too old and just enjoyed flying with the instructors, but as all good instructors instruct and every pupil no matter how dumb or old eventually learns. So it was I finally got my licence last year. I had flown nearly 200 hours to get it but enjoyed every minute of it. Last June limeade page 3 in the local paper (knew I'd make page 3 one-day) had an article in a woman's magazine and a small column in the daily Mirror, not bad for an oldie! I fly from lower Upham in Hampshire in one of their three C 42s,I try to get at least one booking a week, weather permitting. And generally flying bimbles along the south coast, Isle of Wight, popping into Sandown , Old Sarum or Compton Abbas for the traditional bacon butty and cup of tea. One does not get many adventures at my age so I am making the most of it.Have had my Grandson and my great grandson flying with me and they didn't scream once !! must be doing something right.
Barbara Breakwell        Reply: 19-02-2012 12:30:52

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