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gps navigation which have the best features and the simplest user interface that can be used on a flexwing . preferably under £500
Started by: Warren Biddulph
        Thread Born: 12-02-2012 21:21

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any cheap car navigation unit that is Windows CE operated will run SkyDemon. Whilst SkyDemon Lite is free to you home computer.http://www.skydemonlight.com/
Barry Light        Reply: 23-02-2012 23:48:36

GPS pilot III great piece of kit. Nats aware not so good in sunlight.
Dave Allan        Reply: 22-02-2012 22:43:32

Its gotta be the airspace aware + gps. I'm totally biased. Agree with PK, I have had a Pilot III for years, its great & does the job well, but for price, functionality & downright simplicity its gotta be the aware !!!
Bruce Tibenham        Reply: 16-02-2012 18:50:12

If in the future you fly down to Damyns for a look,maybe for the military fly in,where reaction groups of germans and english dig trenches and live in them for the weekend (not my thing)but some real nice oldies fly in,and there are tanks and halftracks ect churning up the surrounding fields,be aware of 185 ft pylons about a third of a mile from the runway on finals on 21
David Broughall        Reply: 16-02-2012 08:24:31

He does print out my flight path when we return to base to let me see any deviations tho
David Broughall        Reply: 16-02-2012 08:17:18

I can but ask,altho he has an i pad thingy which has the moving map in it and takes it on navigation flights but doesn't let me look at it,and we also discovered that the compass was too close to the battery so was constantly misreading,moved it when I complained
David Broughall        Reply: 16-02-2012 08:11:03

My instructor let me use one, just not in my cross country as thats frowned upon :)
Paul Finch        Reply: 16-02-2012 08:04:29

Thanks for that Paul,altho I don't think he who must be obeyed will allow me to use it yet,going to get it anyway !!!I can play with it when I fly with other people,althou the sting has all the latest equip including autopilot ,it will get me used to it,bit more to it than the chart plotters I'm used to on the boats,,,,,
David Broughall        Reply: 15-02-2012 08:31:24

Defo go for the plus ! you cant plan routes on the standard aware. You wont be disappointed with it matey...
Paul Finch        Reply: 15-02-2012 08:25:38

I had a look on the airbox aware site yesterday,very reasonably priced I thought,comparatively,Better to go strait for the plus model,I see it also has the restricted airspace updates for the olympics added (Damyns is inside it) seems not only have us londoners got to pay for it,cant drive near it,now they say we cant fly away from it eighther, also we must fit a transponder and file a flight plan every trip,what a pain,I do believe the airport manager is applying for a special dispensation I expect it will be approved when the olympics are over,afew pilots from Damyns are renting tie down elswhere for the duration,others are just sulking.
David Broughall        Reply: 15-02-2012 08:12:07

Yes you get free chart updates which come out every few months, usually the aware tells you when you need to update. As standard is comes with half mil maps but you pay an extra £30 or so and get the quater mil map for your area. Its better than most gps units have seen which are trebble in price ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnE5xYyFOSs (WALKTHROUGH) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ9Ltgxysl4 (UPDATES)
Paul Finch        Reply: 15-02-2012 07:59:23

Paul,can that Airspace aware be updated for chart changes ect ?
David Broughall        Reply: 14-02-2012 18:10:09

At Damyns they all seem to prefer i pad 2or 3G with a downloaded moving chart,with strap to the leg,look a good thing to me with its big screen and clear vis,however ,I have seen one or two with cracked screens still working ok,I suppose you just have to be carefull with them.
David Broughall        Reply: 14-02-2012 18:08:00

I wouldnt hesitate in recommending the Airspace Aware+ GPS. I obviously have one, its just like reading your map. Its simple to plan routes and has restricted airspace alerts for about £300
Paul Finch        Reply: 13-02-2012 08:15:22

GPS is always a personal preference and what suits one person isn't always what will suit the next person. I have tried out most GPS units available and personally for me it has to be a Colour Screen Garmin unit as my primary unit so I can see terrain definition, that said I started flying when a GPS 89 was the normal preferred unit and yet now most people would now laugh at the GPS 89 ( I actually started with a GPS 90 as it was more up market ). I progressed through all Garmin Aviation GPS units and never ever felt like I needed a better unit to stay navigationally aware, I just kept upgrading because the improvements in functions gave me more options over & above what I needed for basic navigation. Now units under £500.00 The GPS III Pilot is a fantastic unit and small enough to affix to your panel without cluttering up too much space and gives you ample functions to safely navigate on a grayscale basemap, it doesn't have all micro fields but you download them onto it. I would even recommend a GPS III and download them onto it as a micro database. ( £30-50 on fleabay ) If you are thinking of hardwiring a GPS into your electrics, a Airbox Aware or Aware Plus have full UK CAA mapping and will give you precise position at about £250 new or less 'pre-owned' I had a Aware and if you rely on it's internal battery it is utter crap but hardwired it is a perfectly good GPS system and 99% failsafe. All GPS are really subjective to what you are happy with using, Dave Sykes who flew his Quik from Rufforth UK to Sydney AUS did the trip on a GPS III Pilot and it served his purpose, I personally would have taken a more functional GPS with more available data functions to ease what is a challenging flight, but then again in the early days the GPS III Pilot was revolutionary and everyone craved to own a GPS III Pilot GPS. As Dave flew to Australia on a GPS III Pilot is proves it's useability in the right hands works. Just my view and really you need to choose what suits your needs, really depends on whether you plan to 'local fly' or go 'distances' As the picture will show I like many GPS units ;) ( I have given away older units over the years or there would have been about 20 more in the picture )
        Reply: 13-02-2012 00:29:03

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