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Looking for ideas for a new Microlight Club around the Cheshire area or surrounding area may be a farm that you may know of, who may have some land for rent or development?
Started by: Steve Jones
        Thread Born: 12-02-2012 20:51

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Yes, maybe I should organise a fly-in sometime? (Any visitors would need enough fuel to divert back to England if they're not happy with the landing field!)
Nick Insall        Reply: 14-02-2012 16:03:12

Thanks nick but just a bit far. Would be nice to go to in the summer?
Steve Jones        Reply: 14-02-2012 09:53:52

If North Wales is close enough you're welcome to ask my father. His farm is on the North side of the A5 near Tynant in North Wales. 400 m long field, only its on a bit of a slope. Certainly an uphill landing regardless of wind. Done it once! Only problem now is that there's a pesky windfarm project planned on the same hill... I've been flying from some other fields slightly further west but all pretty small for a club, and not sure i'd let my inexperienced self get that carried away again in a hurry!
Nick Insall        Reply: 13-02-2012 21:37:57

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