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Any ideas for this websites development ? All good ideas will probably be made... (Its surprising how much of this site you guys have thought up already) Or if you just want to review of give feedback, feel free...
Started by: Paul Finch
        Thread Born: 10-02-2012 09:57

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I need to start studying for my exams, can anybody recommend any good books or DVDS??
Lee Whittaker        Reply: 29-08-2012 15:22:50

Hi all, the new online mock exams are uploaded and ready to use. They closely resemble the style of questions that you would see in an NPPL exam. Post your result and get a bit of competition going :)
Paul Finch        Reply: 29-08-2012 14:56:54

Jonathan, Sorry for the slow response. There is now an 'View Profile' button next to the names in your inbox and sent items. any further suggestion will be well recieved.
Paul Finch        Reply: 23-08-2012 08:30:45

The airfield section of the site has now gone live on the iPhone version of the site. Any suggestions for the next developments ?
Paul Finch        Reply: 22-08-2012 16:47:06

It would be nice to be able to jump from a persons name in your messages inbox to their profile.
Jonathan Sutton        Reply: 07-03-2012 16:03:17

Great ideas so far, I will probably do them all (iphone app a touch trickier but i am learning), im liking the blog facility idea (probably the easiest out of the three aswell :) Cathy are we wanting an iphone interface to blog on the move aswell entering blogs on the pc ? Tell me how you see it working Cathy... :)
Paul Finch        Reply: 14-02-2012 08:04:20

How about a blog facility?
Cathy Trickett        Reply: 13-02-2012 21:42:28

A google earth map so other users can see flights overlaid made by fellow members.
        Reply: 13-02-2012 13:33:40

As i have said before, an IOS app would be great for ipod, iphone and ipad :D
James Channell        Reply: 10-02-2012 17:04:56

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