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North West Microlight Aircraft Club (NWMAC) St Michaels - General Discussion forum covering any aspects of the club and surrounding area.
Started by: Paul Finch
        Thread Born: 09-02-2012 08:45

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Well, the thing about a forum of course is; people have to post on it for it to work. So I'll kick off (not counting James who isn't a member of the NWMAC). Probably most members don't know about this forum yet so I will announce it's existence in this months newsletter and hopefully we can get it going. It should be a good tool for discussing info about flyouts, good places to visit, Technical problems etc. as well as any comments on how the club is run, what we should or should not be doing especially for those members who don't, for one reason or another, get to the monthly meetings. See you up there! John Robinson
John Robinson        Reply: 11-02-2012 23:51:22

:D !!!
James Channell        Reply: 09-02-2012 13:07:59

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