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Name Wiltshire Microlight Centre
Location Yatesbury Airfield
Member 17th August 2012
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Wiltshire Microlight Centre , Yatesbury Airfield
Wiltshire Microlight Centre is a British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) registered school operating from its own registered airstrip. The centre is owned and run by twice European hang gliding champion and ex-RAF pilot Tony Hughes. Tony has been a senior BMAA inspector since 1993 and undertakes Annual Permit Inspections and check flights for both flexwing and 3-axis microlights.

Flying training takes place above the stunning North Wessex Downs and Vale of Pewsey, site of ancient stone circles, Silbury Hill, White Horses, mysterious crop circles and a host of other historic sites.

Flexwing aircraft look like a hang-glider but with a trike underneath and are controlled by weight-shift. 3-axis aircraft are of more conventional layout with ‘stick and rudder’ control.
Wiltshire Microlight Centre have a number of Flexwing aircraft available for training from Pegasus XL, Q or Quantum.
3-Axis microlights Learn to fly our Comco Ikarus C42 or the Jabiru powered Thruster T600
Flexwing microlights Take to the air in one of the club's Pegasus flexwings
Thruster T600N
The Thruster TST was introduced in the mid 1980s and was the first viable conventional control two seat and three axis microlight aircraft on the British market.
The T300 was a later development and was built under license in the UK, but production ceased in the early '90s.
The latest Thruster variant is the T600 Sprint, which is powered by a Jabiru engine and has a fully enclosed fuselage.

Comco Ikarus C42
The latest addition to the Centre's fleet is the Ikarus C42 a single-engined high-wing monoplane with side-by-side seats for two.
Fast, spacious & comfortable, the C42 is a state-of-the-art, ultralight aircraft offering a unique combination of innovative technology and simplicity.
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