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Name Gower Flight Centre
Location Swansea / Fairwood Common
Member 30th August 2012
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Gower Flight Centre , Swansea / Fairwood Common
Firstly i am not the proprieter of this orginisation, but an ex student, however i was treated so well there and found the instruction and post NPPL experience there superb that i feel that other people who want to learn to fly microlights should come here to learn !!

The Gower Flight Centre is run by its very experienced ( and laid back! ) CFI Ashley Crocker.

Ashley's excellent teaching methods have ensured a safety record thats second to none and has got the most fearful flyer in the air and on the way to their NPPL.

There are also many microlight pilots that mill around the office and are very friendly and helpful to ab inito pilots.

Also you have superb long runways and beautiful surroundings in which to fly.
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