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Name Scottish Microlight Flight Centre
Location Perth Airport
Member 16th August 2012
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Scottish Microlight Flight Centre , Perth Airport
Microlight Flying in Scotland
Flying a microlight aircraft is one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever undertake. Soaring above the clouds, skimming along a beach, flying to faraway places, or just enjoying the freedom of local airspace …….. Microlight flying opens up a whole new world to anyone interested in pursuing the dream of flight.

We are the official microlight training provider for the Scottish Aero Club, the oldest and largest flying club in Scotland. Located at Perth Airport our training facilities are second to none. With three runways, an operational tower, modern clubrooms, on-site lodge and cafe, and...........spectacular scenery in all directions, the Scottish Microlight Flight Centre has it all.

There is no better place to undertake flight training or to experience that once-in-a-lifetime microlight flight over the Highlands of Scotland.
Fixed Wing EV- 97 Eurostar
Flex Wing Pegasus Quik
The Scottish Microlight Flight Centre is open for training and gift voucher flights throughout the year. Additionally, we provide microlight aircraft servicing, permit inspections, check flights, PPL renewals, hangarage, and more.

For as little as £65 you can 'Feel the Freedom' and view the Scottish countryside like never before!
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