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Name Northern Microlights
Location St Michaels Airfield
Member 22nd September 2011
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Field open as per usual. £5 landing fee.

Northern Microlights , St Michaels Airfield
We can supply all your requirements for getting the national private pilots licence,flying instructor course,or radio telphony course. There isn't a more experienced or better qualified instructor than our proprietor Graham Hobson. He has amassed thousands of hours of instructional experience, teaching hundreds of pilots safely and thoroughly, the art of microlight flying over the last three decades. Prior to that he taught hang gliding and competed at world class level.
St Michaels AirField
Northern Microlight is one of the longest established schools in the U.K. The CFI and proprietor Graham Hobson set up his microlight school in the North West during the early days as Hang Gliders evolved into Microlights. It was a natural progression for him after running a successful Hang Gliding school and competing at world-class level. The early eighties was the time to move on to this newly evolvingsport. His instincts were right, some thirty years later he is still running a successful school.
Since then hundreds of fledgling pilots have passed through his hands, gained their wings and gone on to have successful flying careers of their own. All the flex wing instructors in the North West and others elsewhere, have either been taught to fly, gained their instructor rating or been examined and retested by him.

As such a seasoned flyer, it is no surprise that he was appointed as one of only seven in the country, C.A.A. Panel Examiners. (The body that oversees and sets the standards to which all UK Microlight instructors operate). Certainly there isn't a better qualified instructor in the country. Northern Microlights is one of the few schools that is regularly inspected and approved by the C.A.A. for its operating and safety standards. Away from instruction Graham has had a measure of success when taking part in competition flying, coming third in Europe as a member of the world beating G.B. team. He has also won the prestigious Round Britain Rally. Earlier he had a string of successes when competing on the British Hang Gliding team, competing world-wide.
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