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Name Microlight Scotland
Location Strathaven Airfield
Member 14th August 2012
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Microlight Scotland , Strathaven Airfield
Microlight Scotland is West and Central Scotland's only microlight flying school. From Strathaven Airfield - 45 mins from Glasgow and Prestwick and an hour from Edinburgh - we offer gift vouchers for trial flying lessons and flight training for the National Private Pilot's Licence.

Owned and operated by The Scottish Flying Club LP, we are located just south of Glasgow and east of Prestwick, not far from East Kilbride. It is the oldest non-military airfield in west/central Scotland and has three grass runways, the longest of which is 09/27 at 530m.

The airfield is home to mostly microlights with training on both three-axis/fixed with SportFlight Scotland and weightshift/flexwing aircraft available through Microlight Scotland.
How long it takes to get your licence depends on the individual (student and instructor!), the weather and the frequency of lessons. Generally, someone able to fly once a week will learn faster than someone flying just once a month.

We suggest no more than two, or possibly three, lessons a day because time is needed to let things sink in. It is amazing just how much you learn from replaying a flight in your mind. If you fly too soon, previous lessons are not properly absorbed and so the foundations are weakened. This eventually leads to remedial lessons, so does not really save time - or money!

Your instructor will update you on your progress after every flight.
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