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Name Microlight Scotland
Location Strathaven Airfield
Member 14th August 2012
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Microlight Scotland , Strathaven Airfield
FLIGHT training at Strathaven Airfield follows the British Microlight Aircraft Association syllabus, as approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. We train for flexwing and fixed wing microlights.

For an introduction to microlighting, why not book a Microlight Flight Experience. For just £79 on our Strathaven Fly-Past flight you could experience the joy of swooping through the skies.

Or you could try our most popular flight, the One Hour Microlight Experience at £99, and view the Clyde Valley, New Lanark and Bothwell Castle from the air.
For those with a real sense of adventure, we also offer the Extended Microlight Experience, for £189, where we fly to a local Scottish airfield and back.

Our gift vouchers make unforgettable birthday presents or anniversary gifts. For that very special occasion - or person - our unique Island Land Away adventure to Bute is a must.

To really reach for the skies, go all the way and train for your NPPL (Microlights) with us.

All our training is done on a one-to-one basis. If you need more time on an exercise, we can give it. If you're ready to move on to another aspect there's no-one to hold you back.
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