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Name Microlight Flight Lessons
Location Netherthorpe Airfield
Member 14th August 2012
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Microlight Flight Lessons , Netherthorpe Airfield
Microlight Flights, provides microlight lessons and microlight experience flights, on Flexwing Aircraft. We are based, at Sheffield Aero Clubs airfield, at Thorpe Salvin in Worksop.

We give a wide variation of Microlight experience flights to suit your requirements as well offering value for money and a friendly service.

We can offer from a 20 minute Microlight flight to a full days microlight experience on a one to one basis with an instructor, and also includes lunch at the main restaurant on site.

We fly a variation of routes with many breathtaking views such as Chatsworth House, Sherwood forest (Major Oak), Ladybower (Dam Buster Run), Castles and the Peak district .If sight seeing isn't your thing you may want to experience the views from a open cockpit of a microlight aircraft from above the clouds.
Take to the skies for a trial flight, or start your lesson to get your own NPPL pilots license.
Microlight Flights Flexwing Simulator
The simulator it used on the preflight briefs, I have a separate controls so I can get the flexwing into position in the air ready for use. It does take time to get used to the virtual trike but they soon get a hang of it. The good thing about it is it actually turns over if they taxi too fast and pick a wing up into the wind.

The preflight brief starts in the pod but on a PowerPoint presention, then we switch to the virtual trike. The preflight brief takes longer but it saves the time in the air. More time means I can get a student through the early stages quickly without the brain overload. This in turn saves the student money and we get more practice time.

Where the simulator really comes into its own is in ex 12-13 circuits and drills plus radio procedures. The more virtual circuits the student does on the sim the quicker they get used to all the pre-landing checks i.e. the downwind checks T.w.a.s.f.u.n. (Throttle,wind,airfield,security,fuel,note instruments.)

The biggest draw back is how fast the student can get his ground school done and passed (Medical and aviation law before solo) Come and have a go. Using the simulator with me is £20.00 per hour (to avoid time wasters) but if you have a flight after I will knock this price off of the flight.

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