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Name Microlight Flight Lessons
Location Netherthorpe Airfield
Member 14th August 2012
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Airfield open as per usual

Microlight Flight Lessons , Netherthorpe Airfield
Information for Visiting Pilots Arrival and Departure Information Due to the limiting size of the airfield Netherthorpe is strictly PPR by telephone.

Visitors will be given a PPR number which must be quoted upon first radio contact. Without a PPR number, we cannot allow you to land as we have no proof that you have received a verbal briefing regarding the weather and runway conditions.

When arriving please make an overhead join at 1800ft if there is any other traffic in the circuit. Circuit height is 800ft. For noise abatement reasons, please do not overfly the surrounding villages and in windy conditions please ensure you are not carried over them - particularly when flying the base leg for runway 24. Aircraft arriving or departing to the North or East should contact Doncaster Radar on 126.225 as soon as it is safe to do so. Unless you are a regular visitor and are familiar with Netherthorpe you must get a safety brief with an instructor before departure.

Skyways Bar & Restaurant
The clubhouse at Netherthorpe is certainly amongst the better facilities seen at airfields in Northern England. We have a fully licensed bar and restaurant and the kitchen has recently been completely refitted. The Clubhouse was recently subject to a total refurbishment and is open 10am - 11pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

Excellent meals and snacks are prepared by Paul Mitchell, the steward who runs the facility on our behalf as his own business. We routinely receive visitors from all over the UK who compliment a great day's flying with a delicious meal in our restaurant.
The centrally heated Clubhouse is very much a focal point of Sheffield Aero Club, where there is a television, a battery of liquid refreshments and the food, from snacks and sandwiches to full three course meals and Sunday lunches, is outstanding. The conversation is wall to wall aviation.
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