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Name Flexwing Microlight Training
Location Moss Edge Farm Airfield
Member 17th August 2012
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Flexwing Microlight Training , Moss Edge Farm Airfield

Operation TERN

(20 minutes) - £50
A sensational and mind-blowing experience where you'll be taken into another world by an experienced and friendly instructor. This twenty-minute flight is designed to give you a brief introduction to the world of those who love and live to fly. During the flight, with your instructor's help, you'll be able to take the controls and fly the aeroplane yourself and this is an ideal way to see if the sport of microlight flying is for you.
Instructor:: Barry Light
You will see many sight as stunning as this.

Operation TEAL

(40 minutes) - £75
A forty-minute version of the above programme for those who would like a bit more time in the air. On all these flights, if the conditions are suitable and you so wish, you'll be able to participate verbally in both the takeoff and the landing phases as well as controlling the aeroplane during some of the rest of the flight.

Operation SWAN

(60 minutes) - £100
A sixty-minute flight where you'll be shown some of the more advanced techniques of flying the aeroplane, in fact you'll be flying the aeroplane yourself some of the time if that's what you want and this flight is long enough for us to sometimes land out at another site if conditions allow.
The Lune Valley (Views like this are 5 mins from the airfield.
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