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Name Microflight Aviation School
Location Headon Airfield
Member 15th August 2012
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Microflight Aviation School , Headon Airfield
Initially usage of the school aircraft is the most convenient method, as there is then no need to commit yourself to the cost of an aircraft in the early stages of training. However as training progresses owning your own aircraft will save you a considerable sum of money and will always be available to use when the school aircraft may not be.

1/2 Hour Voucher £50.00
1 Hour Voucher £95.00

LESSONS (Hourly)
Dual tuition per flying hour using school aircraft £80.00
Dual tuition per flying hour using you own aircraft £60.00
Solo supervision £20.00
Ground school individual tuition per hour £20.00
Written exam charges per paper £20.00
A licence is required, titled - NPPL Microlight Licence and can be gained by training with a qualified flying instructor in accordance with a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) syllabus of training. The minimum requirements are:
25 hours total flying time to include
10 hours solo consolidation including two qualifying cross country flights of 40 nautical miles
You will need to pass a General flying test and an oral exam, which is much akin to a driving test. In addition to this you will need to pass 5 multiple choice exams in the following subjects:
Principles of flight, Air law, Navigation, Meteorology, Human factors
This may all sound a little onerous but in practice it is fascinating and good fun. A Microlight licence is simpler than a conventional aircraft licence and can be gained in approximately 2/3 the flying time and 1/2 the cost. Don‘t be frightened of the exams either, although thorough they are easily and enjoyably learnt and our 100% pass rate serves to prove this point.

When you start your training you will be asked to join our flying club, RHOMAC (Robin Hood Microlight Aircraft Club). Microlight aircraft do not need a licensed airfield to fly from but it is a requirement that all that fly from a site, belong to a recognised flying club. Meetings are held at one of the local pubs on the first Wednesday of every month for a social gathering and to discuss topical issues, trips etc.
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