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Name Flying Dreams
Location Deptford Farm Airfield
Member 15th August 2012
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Flying Dreams , Deptford Farm Airfield

The exhilaration of flying can't be expressed in words. Once you've experienced flying an aircraft you'll never forget it. Some of the romance of the early pioneers has been lost but microlight flying shares the adventure and freedom of flying in simple open cockpit aircraft cheaply and safely.

As a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) qualified microlight flying instructor who has been flying for over 25 years; I can help you discover the wonder and magic of the sky with a trial flight or an air experience flight over famous landmarks in Wiltshire and Dorset like Stonehenge or the Cerne Abbas Giant.
Flying Dreams: Bertie Grotrian CFI
Fixed and Flexwing lessons available

I give flying lessons from several flying clubs including Old Sarum Flying Club and Swallow Aviation. I fly a wide variety of fixed wing and flex wing aircraft including hang gliders and paragliders and even enjoy flying on water with the Skyski hydrofoil.

So if you've dreamed of flying let me help you spread your wings.
It will change the way you see the world - forever.

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