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Name Latch Farm Aviators
Location Latch Farm
Member 7th September 2012
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Airfield Status:
Microlight Airstrip runway varies from 800m to 400m 08/26

Latch Farm Aviators , Latch Farm
Latch Farm N55 52 28.6 W003 27 12.9



Here are the 3 routes that you could be using if you decide to fly into Latch Farm :

From West to Latch Farm
is a very easy route. You should see Cobbinshaw Reservoir (Call Edinburgh 121.20mhz for Zone entry at Cobbinshaw, best call them a few miles before Cobbinshaw) then heading 051deg for 5.4nm puts you at Latch Farm (stay with 121.20mhz and call finals for Latch Farm) EASY PEASY.

East Fortune to Latch Farm
is slightly harder, but still no big deal. East Fortune heading 245deg for 12.9nm puts you over Dalkeith VRP (Call Edinburgh 121.20mhz for Zone entry at Dalkeith) you can contact Edinburgh 121.20mhz from East Fortune just after take off or overflight) after Dalkeith heading 271deg for 4.7nm you will see Ski Slope at Hillend, from Ski slope heading 261deg for 6.5nm puts you south abeam Kirknewton airfield, from this position Latch Farm is 292deg 2nm.

Kelty to Latch Farm
now this looks hard, (Call Edinburgh 121.20mhz for Zone entry at Kelty heading 189deg for 7.0nm puts you at North Tower of Forth Bridge, then heading 183deg for 2nm puts you at South Tower of Bridge, heading 163deg for 2.2nm puts you overhead Edinburgh Airport (lovely site) then heading 207deg for 4nm puts you at NEW VRP, then you are virtually on a 1.5nm final for Latch Farm on heading 233deg, if you get lost on any route just go to NEW VRP and you should see runway !! .

Edinburgh ATC will let you go through overhead if coming from the North, but assume you will coming from either Strathaven or East Fortune areas.

Edinburgh ATC for booking in can be contacted on 0131 333 6234 and you can hear the ATIS on 0131 333 6216 (YOU NEED TO CALL THEM BY PHONE PRIOR TO DEPARTURE FROM YOUR AIRFIELD AND ALSO PRIOR TO DEPARTING LATCH FARM
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